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English subbed – Nishi-kun is an average salaryman who has Marina Shiraishi as a neighbor. Marina a married Mother living with his wife and son, but the thing is that Marina is extremely gifted big-boobed and charming housewife.

The next day, while browsing the internet Nishi-Kun bumps into pharmaceutics website and buys some aphrodisiac online. He is not even supposed to take it, because he doesn’t have a partner but he does swallow the pills anyways. The next morning he discovers, much to his surprise that his body has shrunk. He doesn’t know what’s going on and if that’s permanent, but gets some clothes for his new size and tries to cope.

Shortly later on, he bumps on the street with Marina Shiraishi and he notices that Marina doesn’t recognize him on his new short shape. And so, Nishi-Kun seizes this rare opportunity of getting close with Marina… Very close…